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    How to Reframe MTSS to Help Close the Education Achievement Gap

    The COVID-19 pandemic drastically worsened the educational achievement gap in this country, exacerbating many of the underlying systemic problems that contribute to inequities in learning.

    DeSoto ISD looking to implement new strategies to improve educational outcomes for students

    DeSoto ISD is looking to take a more holistic approach to teaching its students through a learning model known as a Multi-Tiered System of Supports, the district announced.

    District 65 Implementing New MTSS Tool to Address Needs of Striving Learners

    At the March 4 District 65 School Board meeting, Donna Cross provided an update on how the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) process is being used in the District’s schools, including how a new cloud-based tool, Branching Minds, is helping teachers use the MTSS process.

    Personalising learning for students who learn differently

    “There have been over three million articles published in the field of learning sciences,” says former teacher Maya Gat, “and very little of this research has been translated into teacher practice. It’s like scientists discovered the cure for cancer, but forgot to tell the doctors.

    Throwing teachers into the ‘Shark Tank’

    Maya Gat described how her path to 4.0’s pitch night began in the classroom. She spent countless extra hours trying to figure out why some students struggled more than others, scanning academic journals for answers grounded in science.

    Broken Bow School Board Hosts Work Session Following Bond Project Press Conference

    Director of Teaching and Learning Trent Benjamin spoke before the board regarding the newly implemented Branching Minds system.

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    Branching Minds on PBS: "In America"

    This show currently airing on public television features groundbreaking intitutions of learning and significant organizations of artistic and creative merit. Branching Minds was proud to be interviewed and featured on the program.